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Future Opportunities in the Chemical Industry

As a growing company we are constantly looking for new bright minds with experience, passion and expertise. Various tasks or training places offer career opportunities in a friendly atmosphere and interesting working environment.

BNT has become an integral part of the regions working world. In our intresting team of chemists, laboratory assistants, plant operators and mechanics there is room for your motivation and good ideas. If you don’t find anything suitable in the vacancies: Simply send us your unsolicited application!


Chemistry Lab Assistant (gn*): Learn how to perform a variety of chemical studies and evaluate the results. With  basics in chemistry, biology, physics, and even environmental science and toxicology. The training lasts 3.5 years and takes place at Berufsschule Bitterfeld. To training plan

Chemical Technician (gn*): For a lot of what we take for granted today, you need the chemical industry. The production is carried out by chemists; They work in a team, manage plants and produce many different products, without which our lives would often be unimaginable. The training lasts 3.5 years, alternating with us and at the vocational school Bitterfeld. To training plan

Chemical Production Specialist (gn*): With their basic technical and chemical knowledge, the Chemical Production Specialist takes a share in making sure the production is running smooth. Part of a team, they operate and maintain machinery and equipment, prepare production and monitor the production process. The school-based part of the two-year apprenticeship program is completed at the Bitterfeld vocational school. To training plan

Electronics technician for automation technology (gn*): You need skilled workers to set up complex computerized systems! It’s about building and working with automated systems – a technical job that also requires IT skills. The 3.5 years long training is accompanied by the vocational school Leuna. To training plan

Mechatronics (gn*): Production equipment, robots, … In almost all devices there is now high-tech. In order for the technology to work properly, we need mechatronics technicians. In the training, the three areas of mechanics, electronics and computer science are taught: 3.5 years partly with us, partly at the vocational school Dessau. To training plan

Clerk Office Management (gn*): Organizational work in the office from all areas of a company: event planning, communication and much more. The three-year apprenticeship opens up many opportunities and begins with bi-weekely company visits, takes place at the Köthen vocational school. To training plan


If you are looking for new tasks that are interesting and challenging, we look forward to getting to know you! If there are no suitable positions for you, you can send us an unsolicited application at any time.

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