Container Glass Coating

Product Quality, Application Knowledge and Technical Support

Glass coatings from BNT are used in the hot end coating of container glass to increase durability, enabling thinner and more easily produced glass, with high wear resistance ensuring fast reliable filling and safe transport.

Customers benefit in particular from the application know-how. BNT works with leading experts in coating materials and application technology and makes this expertise available to you via specialist audits and laboratory services.

Hot-End-Coating Products

In addition to flexibility in packaging and capacity, customer-specific solutions offer deliveries adapted to your supply chain with which we can effectively serve your processes, worldwide and according to REACH guidelines.

BNT Expert Audits

Our experts analyze your coating processes on site and develop concepts for stable and uninterrupted production. With know-how that goes far beyond the direct use of our products, we randomly select containers from your production and comprehensively analyze the coating image. Based on these findings, we can draw precise conclusions about possible improvements and make fine adjustment of the respective production line, optimizing for uniform coating, increasing the effectiveness of your coating hood or increase the throughput. Perfect for extending maintenance cycles and increasing production.