Flexible Service & Development Partner

Decades of expertise with organometallic compounds, enable us to support our customers with individualized approaches: Providing detailed technical information on products and handling, as well as giving extensive support during application stages up to the recovery of by-products and waste products.

With several linked production lines, even highly specialized projects with demanding requirements can be flexibly produced for you.

Tailor-made Products

Organometallic catalysts, coatings and intermediates, customized to your needs and specifications: We execute individual requests for dilution degrees, packaging sizes, etc. for you.

Logistics Support

Customer-specific handling: Packaging and filling (also in special containers), adapted to your logistics, to ensure an optimal interface to your processes.

Research and Development

Experience in development and production for your R&D projects. From the start to the finished product or for individual steps, depending upon where you need support.

Toll Manufacturing

Expertise in wet chemistry and tin, together with flexibility in production, create the ideal conditions to produce for you. IBU-tec’s vast experience in thermal process engineering is also at your disposal.

Analytics & Laboratory

For sample preparation and a wide variety of analyses, a modern laboratory is at your disposal to monitor production quality or carry out experiments in material development.

Expert Audits

To optimize your production, we analyze the process on site and randomly sample the coatings. Thereby increasing the effectiveness of your process for a more uniform coating at higher throughput speed.