DBTB – Dibutyltin Butoxide

Catalyst and Stabilizer for Plastics Production

Dibutyltin butoxide (in short form known as DBTB) is an organotin product that can be used as a plastic stabilizer and as a catalyst for the production of polymers in condensation reactions, esterification reactions and transesterification reactions.

NameDBTB Dibutyltin Butoxide
BNT Product NameBNT-CAT 488
SynonymsButyltin butoxide
Di-n-butyltin butoxide
Dibutoxy di-n-butyltin

DBTB in Business

As a transesterification catalyst, dibutyltin butoxide supports the synthesis of carbonic acid esters, which are used, for example, in electrolyte liquids for lithium-ion batteries. Other polycarbonates have a variety of uses as plastics. DBTB is also used in a process to synthesize aromatic carbonic acid esters.

For the technical production of polyurethanes, dibutyltin butoxide can be used in the catalysis of isocyanate addition reactions, which plays a role in the production of polyurethane elastomers and foams as well as adhesives and paints.

Other areas of application for DBTB catalysts are both condensation reactions, in which specialty silicones are formed and esterifications in general. DBTB has been considered for coating carrier glass and other glass coatings.

In addition to its catalytic activity, dibutyltin butoxide also has a stabilizing effect. As a PVC stabilizer, it helps to make plastics more durable and protect them from weathering.