Dibutyltin Ethylhexyl Mercaptoacetate

Stabilizer and Polyurethane Catalyst

Dibutyltin ethylhexyl mercaptoacetate is a tin-organic compound also known as dibutyltin-bis-ethylhexylthioglycolate. The pale-yellow liquid has a very characteristic smell and is insoluble in water.

NameDibutyltin Ethylhexyl Mercaptoacetate
BNT Product NameBNT-CAT 470
SynonymsDibutyltin ethylhexyl mercaptoacetate
Dibutyl tin bis (2-ethylhexyl thioglycolate)
Di-n-butyltin-bis (thioglycolic acid-2-ethylhexylester)

Usage of Dibutylztin bis(2-ethylhexyl mercaptoacetate)

It is used, among other things, as a catalyst in various polyurethane-based plastics, especially for hard foams and molded foams. As a water-insoluble additive, it is technically well suited for water-driven systems. A wide range of products is used in systems of this type, from wear-resistant seats on trains or for motorcycles, to office chairs and foam paint rollers.

Another possible application is as a stabilizer for plastics, which increases the weather resistance of the final product and thus enables longer life cycles. In addition, dibutyltin bis (2-ethylhexyl mercaptoacetate) is an intermediate in the chemical industry and is processed in a number of processes.


In handling, adequate suction should be ensured on the processing machines. The containers must be stored cool and dry in a well-ventilated place and should be tightly sealed.  The formation of aerosols should be avoided.