Dioctyltin Diacetylacetonate

Esterification and Transesterification Catalyst

Dioctyltin diacetylacetonate is a compound of organotin chemistry and is abbreviated to DOTK as from dioctyltin ketone. The substance is liquid at room temperature, of yellow color and has a weak but characteristic smell. It is optimally suited for crosslinking and has a comparatively low toxicity.

Dioctyltin diacetylacetonate can be used as an esterification or transesterification catalyst for crosslinking in adhesives and sealants – both in silicone-based systems (RTV silicones, silicone resins) and in silane-modified polymers, as well as with polyurethanes.

NameDioctyltin Diacetylacetonate
BNT Product NameBNT-CAT 580
SynonymsDioctyltin acetylacetonate
Dioctyltin ketone