Dioctyltin Laurylmercaptide

Catalyst for Esterification and Transesterification

Dioctyltin laurylmercaptide belongs to the organotin compounds and is also referred to as DOTLM. It is liquid at room temperature with yellowish coloration, has a typical species odor and is soluble in organic solvents, but not in water.

NameDioctyltin Laurylmercaptide
BNT Product NameBNT-CAT 590
SynonymsDioctyltin dilaurylmercaptide
Bis (dodecylthio) dioctyltin
Bis (dodecylthio) dioctyl stannane
Di-n-octyltin bis (dodecyl mercaptide)
Dioctyltin(IV)-dilauryl mercaptide


Dioctyltin laurylmercaptide is used in esterification and transesterification reactions. The catalyst cross-links RTV silicones, for example for technical applications, and polyurethane-based systems, such as those used in sealants or for the production of moldings. Very hydrolysis-resistant and with a long pot life, DOTLM is particularly suitable for the production of water-driven molded PU bodies, which are supposed to be elastic but still require a hard-wearing, closed surface.

Transport and Storage

Dioctyltin laurylmercaptide is shipped in canisters made of polyethylene and has a minimum shelf life of 6 months when the original packaging is closed, without any loss of quality.