Dioctyltin Maleate

Catalyst and Stabilizer, Mostly in Toluene Solution

Dioctyltin maleate is a tin-organic compound (short: DOTM). Normally a stable, water-insoluble and combustible white powder, it is usually offered dissolved in toluene and then appears slightly yellowish and viscous.

Dioctyltin maleate is used as a catalyst for the crosslinking of silicones as well as for esterification and esterification reactions. It can be used with polyurethane-based systems and improves the storage stability of adhesives, for example.

In addition, dioctyltin maleate is effective as a heat stabilizer in plastics and thus enables longer product life cycles.

NameDioctyltin Maleate
BNT Product NameBNT-CAT 525
SynonymsDi-n-octyltin maleate
N-dioctyltin maleate

Transport and Storage

Dioctyltin maleate produced at BNT is supplied in polyethylene-lined drums. If the original packaging has not yet been opened, the product has a minimum shelf life of 6 months without any risk of quality deterioration.