DOTAc – Dioctyltin Diacetate

Esterification and Transesterification Catalyst

Dioctyltin diacetate is a compound of organotin chemistry and is also abbreviated as DOTA or DOTAc. The clear, but slightly yellowish liquid has a very characteristic smell and is not or only very slightly miscible with water.

NameDioctyltin Diacetate
BNT Product NameBNT-CAT 570
SynonymsDioctyltin acetate
Bis(n-octyl)tin diacetate
Diacetoxydioctyl stannane

Use of Dioctyltin Diacetate

DOTAc is used as a catalyst for various esterification and transesterification reactions, for example for varnishes and coatings or gel masses. In polyurethane-based systems, it is used for adhesives and sealants as well as casting resin systems and is considered an alternative to the more conventional dibutyltin acetate due to the comparatively lower toxicity.

The same properties make dioctyltin diacetate an option for other polymers and silicones: the crosslinking of silicone resins and cold crosslinking silicones can be catalyzed by DOTAc, end-use applications can be found, for example, in the automotive sector.

Oleochemistry offers further uses: as a catalyst for acrylic acid esters and fatty acid esters.

Transport and Storage

The dioctyltin diacetate produced at BNT is shipped in polyethylene canisters. In sealed original packaging, it can be stored for at least 6 months without any loss of quality.