DOTL Dioctyltin Dilaurate

Organotin Catalyst & Stabilizer

Dioctyltin dilaurate is an organotin compound, also abbreviated as DOTL. Due to the special raw material base, BNT-produced Dioctyltin dilaurate is liquid even at room temperature and has a yellowish color with an oily consistency. It dissolves in organic solvents like methanol or acetone.

Dioctyltin dilaurate is used as a versatile catalyst for the cross-linking of polymers in esterification and transesterification reactions as well as in polycondensation reactions in the production of thermoplastic polymers, adhesives and sealants, coatings, paints and thinners as well as paint removers.

NameDOTL Dioctyltin Dilaurate
SynonymsDioctyldilaurate tin
Stannanes, dioctylbis[(1-oxododecyl) oxy]

Dioctyltin Dilaurate as Polyurethane Catalyst

In a variety of urethane crosslinking reactions dioctyltin dilaurate can be used as a catalyst to influence the duration of the process. DOTL has a lower toxicity compared to alternative additives, which offers advantages in handling, and is considered one of the standard catalysts in this field.

Examples of end-use applications include adhesives and sealants, foams and polyurethane casting resin systems required for floors and other applications where high physical loads are expected. Paints, powder coatings and coating systems can also be dioctyltin dilaurate-catalyzed.

DOTL as Silicone Catalyst

Similar to polyurethane-based materials, DOTL is also known as one of the standard catalysts for silicones and silane-modified polymers and is characterized by its relatively low toxicity. RTV silicones for automotive applications and molding compounds are examples of applications.

Further Use

Due to its broad profile and comparatively low toxicity, dioctyltin dilaurate catalysts are also used in a wide range of applications beyond polyurethanes and silicones, for example for binders such as alkyd resins, as polymerization initiators for formaldehydes or in silanol condensation reactions. DOTL is also an important intermediate product within the chemical industry.

In addition to its catalytic activity, dioctyltin dilaurate is also effective as a stabilizer and provides significantly improved light stability in PVC plastics.

Product Variants

Various dioctyltin dilaurate variants with different degrees of purity are available from BNT, tailor-made specifications are available on request.

BNT Product NameProduct VariantShort
BNT-CAT 500Dioctyltin dilaurate (C8-C18)DOTL
BNT-CAT 501Dioctyltin dilaurate (C12-C18)DOTL
BNT-CAT 502Dioctyltin dilaurate (C12)DOTL pure


Transport and Storage

DOTL from BNT production is delivered in polyethylene-lined jugs or barrels painted on the inside. Any crystallizations that may occur can be dissolved by heating and mixing without any loss of quality. With sealed original packaging, a minimum shelf life of 6 months is given without loss of quality.