MOTE – Monooctyltin tris-Ethylhexylthioglycolate

Polyurethane Catalyst and Plastic Stabilizer

Monooctyltin tris-ethylhexylthioglycolate is an organotin compound, also known as MOTE or MOTEHTG. It can be used, for example, as a catalyst in a number of polyurethane plastics, for example, for molded foams and for rigid, semi-rigid or flexible integral skin polyurethane foams.

Monooctyltin tris-ethylhexylthioglycolate can also be used as a stabilizer for plastics. Here it increases the weathering resistance of the final product and enables longer life cycles.

NameMonooctyltin tris-Ethylhexylthioglycolate
BNT Product NameBNT-CAT 535
SynonymsMonooctyltin tris(2-ethylhexylthioglycolate)
Octyltin tris(2-ethylhexylmercaptoacetate
((Octylstannylidyne)trithio)tri-, tris(2-ethylhexyl) ester
Octotin tris(2-ethylhexyl thioglycolate)


Appropriate suction should be available in handling on the processing machines. The containers must be kept cool and dry in a place that is well ventilated. They should remain tightly closed. The formation of aerosols must be avoided.