Tin Chloride

Glass Coating Product and Important Raw Material

Tin tetrachloride, often referred to simply as tin chloride, is an essential intermediate for the production of organotin compounds and is itself an important basic chemical for many industrial processes. BNT supplies product variants ranging from anhydrous tin chloride to aqueous solutions in various concentrations.

It is manufactured via reaction of metallic tin with chlorine gas. Pure, anhydrous tin chloride is a colorless or pale-yellow liquid that is highly corrosive. When exposed to air, a whitish smoke with a pungent, hydrochloric acid-like odor is produced and tin butter (tin chloride pentahydrate) is formed. It is soluble in water and a variety of organic solvents.

SynonymsTin chloride
Tin tetrachloride
Tin tetrachloride pentahydrate
Stannic chloride
Butter of tin
Spiritus fumans Libavii


Use of Tin Chloride

Tin chloride has been known since the early 15th century, when it was mentioned in the work of a Franciscan monk. From the 17th century onwards it was already being used commercially, at that time mainly in dyeing works. Since then several other industrial applications have been added.

Primarily tin chloride forms the basis for the production of many organotin compounds, which are then used as catalysts or polymer stabilizers in the production of plastics. Tin chloride is also used for coating container glass.

Additionally, it plays a role in various chemical reactions, for example as a catalyst for organic specialty chemicals, and is still used by dye works in rare instances. The properties that made tin chloride interesting for dye works over the centuries are still valid today for use in paints or as a dye, for example in colors such as aniline blue. The substance is also used in the tinning of electronic components.

Tin chloride can also be used in various degrees of dilution: 50%, 57% and 60% solutions in water are widespread, which are used in electroplating, as pickling agents or in the production of pearlescent pigments.

Product Variants

BNT-NameProduct VariantsShort Form
-Tin tetrachloride, anhydrousSnCl4
BNT-COAT 257Tin tetrachloride, stabilizedSnCl4
-Zinntetrachlorid PentahydratSnCl4 . 5 H2O
-50% SnCl4 solution in waterSnCl4 50W
-57% SnCl4 solution in waterSnCl4 57W
-60% SnCl4 solution in waterSnCl4 60W
-15% SnCl4 solution in waterSnCl4 15W


Transport and Storage

Storage and transportation can be done in a variety of ways, from barrels to road tanks. It is important that the packaging is airtight and not prone to breaking. In its sealed original packaging, storage periods of at least 6 months are possible without loss of quality.