Tri-n-Butyltin Chloride

Catalyst – Special Synthesis of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Tri-n-butyltin chloride is an organotin compound and is also abbreviated as TBTC or TBTCl. The colorless to slightly yellowish liquid has a specific odor and is readily soluble in organic solvents, but almost insoluble in water. It is sensitive to moisture and should not come into contact with water.

TBTC is used as a catalyst for transesterification in chemical synthesis and can be used in some synthesis steps, for example in the pharmaceutical industry.

NameTri-n-Butyltin Chloride
SynonymsTributyltin chloride
Tri-n-butyltin monochloride
Tributylstannyl chloride

Transport and Storage

Tri-n-butyltin chloride is shipped in steel barrels or steel jugs with polyethylene inliners or in IBCs. In the case of sealed original packaging and storage in accordance with the MSDS, a minimum shelf life of 6 months is given, without any loss of quality.